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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

That Sheltie tongue!

I never thought that a dog's tongue could be so difficult to portray...the intricate groves and subtle tones and highlights along with the many different positions (it is a complex muscle!) means one has to really study it (and practice) in order to paint it realistically! It did not help that my reference photo had the muzzle (including the tongue and teeth) out of focus which made it that much more difficult.


  1. Wow Colette, you're consistently producing terrific work - your clients must be very happy.

    Hint: while you're in such great form, wouldn't it be a good time to work on all those unfinished pieces accumulating behind your door?

  2. THANKS!! and so nice to hear from you Peter, glad you are still active in the blog world as many of us are waiting in anticipation of your next painting!
    I will try to get to those "lost" pieces but must admit it is hard to get back to them after such a long time.

  3. your technique is just fine!!! i love colleys, from lassy, a serial for kids which i watched when i was little