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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tri-colored Shetland Sheepdog Painting in Pastel

In today's sitting I manged to sit long enough to complete the sheltie portrait. I still need to scan a high resolution copy for my files, as well as spray a light layer of fixative. I usually fix the pastel if it needs to be shipped out and, especially if there are muptiple layers of color. I find that white tends to be the worst pastel for dusting off.

Tri-colored Shetland Sheepdog Portrait in Pastel
"Cody" ~ Tri-colored Shetland Sheepdog Portrait
pastel on velour
11" x 14"
To view the progression of this portrait please visit my website here:


  1. Merci Peter! I'll be making my way to those behind the door pieces soon I think.

  2. Good to hear Colette - I'll nag you until you do!

  3. Your work is so lovely. The fur texture is deep and rich and touchable.

  4. Many Thanks, Lampros and Laurene!

    Just the push I need Peter!

  5. I am totally in awe as always with your work.

    Cody is so beautifully done.