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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Working backgrounds with pastels

I am happy to share that the horse portrait is now complete and waiting client approval! I will share the final scan of the work once I am sure that no other touch ups are needed, I promise!

Feeling a sense of relief, and wanting to indulge in my own creativity, I am now working on a wildlife bird scene of two black-capped chickadees. Since I received my order from Blick today, why not try my new Rembrandt's on the Colorfix Plein Air Painting Board?

After printing and cutting the outline of my subjects, I worked the background first, spreading the pastel with my fingers (I use finger cots now!) all the while using the cut-out paper as a guide and a mask. This is an easy and fast way to work backgrounds while keeping the area that needs to be free of color still virgin. I have included the two images below to illustrate my point.

-completed background with cut-out (grey-scale)

-background completed with cut-out removed leaving clean area with crisp edges


  1. Wow! looking forward to seeing this WIP, Colette.

  2. I rarely put in backgrounds but wouldn't have thought of using cut-outs ... what a great tip!

    Do you simply cut round the subjects with scissors and tape them to the support?

  3. Thank you Hilda and Sue for commenting!

    Sue, rather than tape the cut- put, I simply hold it with my free hand when I work the pastel up to the edge of the paper. Taping might damage the delicate surface so I do not take a chance.