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Thursday, January 26, 2012

WIP #8 of wolf painting...a bit of greenery

After putting much thought into how I was going to draw the foreground,  I decided that a blanket of pine needles interspersed with some vegetation would suffice. I did not like the lawn type grass that was on the original reference photo because it reminded me of the captive situation of the wolf in question.

 I'm not quite sure how I am going to handle the wolf's paw yet. I want to draw the whole paw as opposed to it being partially hidden by vegetation (like on my reference)... but that would mean I have to sift through hundreds of photos to find a suitable reference which I may not find!


  1. That little bit of greenery is SO perfect. Its not overwhelming! OH Colette, this WIP is awesome!!!

  2. Hilda says it all. I agree and looking forward to seeing it finished. Hope you find a ref for the paw.

  3. The progression of this painting is amazing. Thank-you for sharing each step. So very lovely.

  4. I am happy that posting the progression of some of my work is well received! Thank you Ruth for visiting and commenting!