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Friday, January 27, 2012

WIP #9 of wolf painting...more pine needles!

I decided to leave the "paw" alone for a while. It was determined upon further examination of my various references that the wolf's leg is all we would see with the painting cropped the way it no more worries about that paw!

 From my last update, you can see that I continued the pine needles to the left of the painting. I also added an evergreen seedling on the vertical edge of the painting for added interest.  I still have a bit of detail to add to the white area of body fur near the seedling, and of course, I have to finish that foreleg!


  1. OH MY Gosh, Colette!!! After looking at this, I decided to throw my pastels out!! this is so, so incredible! What is WIP 10 going to be like?! So far..Perfect!

  2. I guess that you have to cover your finished pieces with glass to keep people from trying to stroke the fur of your animals. Great job, like always.

  3. Wow! If I didn't know any better I would think it was a photo. What a gorgeous drawing!

  4. Hilda, I hope you are joking about throwing out your pastels. Your work is wonderful! I appreciate your kind comments, thanks so much.

    John, that is why I love working pastel on velour or suede. It gives that effect of soft, strokable fur. Thanks for your compliment!

    Screaming Feline, thank you kindly! (blushing)

  5. I can relate to Hilda. except i have done little in pastel...

    This is amazing work Colette and it looks finished already so what can the finish be but a big WOW.