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Thursday, March 29, 2012

White tiger eyes revealed!

An animal portrait just doesn't seem to come to life until one adds the eyes. This tiger cub painting should be completed very soon and will be on display at my next exhibition (duo show with good friend Ray Thoms) which opens April 30th in Sudbury. I will be posting an announcement regarding the show shortly on my FB page as well as my website and blog.

and slowly the eyes are revealed....


  1. Really beautiful work, Colette!

  2. WOW those eyes definitely have it. Beautiful work as always Colette.
    I love this WIP.
    Your the best.

  3. Dors, I love watching your wonderful portaits come to life as well! Can't wait to see the orangutan finished!! Thank you dearly for your kind compliments!

  4. This is destined to be a great one Colette. I hope that saying so does'nt jinx it.

  5. You're so right, Colette! As soon as you paint in the eyes..she comes alive!! This one is so incredibly beautiful! I look forward to your next post ..