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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Horse Portrait Commission in progress

Being Halloween, I guess I could be painting the headless horseman and his horse but I must get caught up on my commissions so....

I am working on a larger horse portrait and finding it a bit challenging to work with not-so-good shots, but unfortunately, that's all I have.

I decided to use medium gray velour board for this piece because one can effortlessly achieve a soft look with pastels.

Horse Painting portrait commission in progress by Animal Artist Colette Theriault


  1. I sympathise with the 'not so good ref pics' - its so much more stressful trying to produce a portrait that will please the owner and the artist when there is little detail to work from

    But I'm sure you'll work wonders ... as always Colette :-)

  2. Thank you ladies! Sue, I sure hope so!!