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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rainy afternoon...back in the art studio!

I can't say I am happy with the speed this portrait is progressing but at least I managed to work on it again today. I have been swamped with other things for the past few weeks and just can't seem to get into that "creative mode", let alone get to the sudio.


  1. I know what you mean Colette. I have not lifted a brush in weeks. There is no time, and I feel no inspiration. This is the worst slump of my life, although I sold a major painting yesterday.
    The dog looks good. I would expect nothing different than excellence from you. You are very consistent in your quality work.

  2. Its coming along beautifully Colette.

    Share your frustrations though, I've been torn in so many directions over the last couple of weeks I'm longing for a few solid hours to spend on my current commission. The odd 20 minutes here and there just doesn't work for me.

    Love the expression on the dog's face.

  3. He's coming along SO beautifully, Colette!! You are definitely a master with your work. He's adorable. And yes, we all go through that slump!!

  4. I appreciate your encouragements ladies and gent; I hate being in a slump especially because any work I do, I feel it is not up to my expectations and so makes it difficult for me to continue:(