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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Blue Jay Bird Painting in Pastel

Painting this bird in blue will give me an excellent opportunity to produce Christmas cards. Along with the similar red cardinal in snow scene that was previously painted, both will be available as cards in the near future.
On this last step of the painting, I completed the belly, wing and tail feathers as well as the branch and foot. I redefined more of the pine branches to darken the background a bit more. And voila, here is my "little prince in blue"!
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Blue Jay Bird Painting in pastel by Canadian wildlife artist Colette Theriault
"Dressed in Blue" Blue Jay
4" x 6"


  1. You put me to shame Colette. Every year I vow to produce my own Christmas cards and I never quite achieve that goal LOL.

    This is a beautiful painting and I wish you lots of success with the card sales of theBlue Jay and Red Cardinal

  2. LOVE it!!! The perfect Christmas card, Colette. His fur looks so soft...... Beautiful work!!!

  3. Thank you kindly ladies! I am in the process of figuring out which print company to use...

  4. Beautiful blue jay Colette,did you ever paint the Steller jay?.

  5. Thank you Marc! No, I have yet to photograph a Steller jay but would love to someday. That is the disadvantage of working from one's own reference collection.