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Monday, January 11, 2016

Silverpoint Oak Leaf Drawing (.999 pure fine silver)

Something new I've been experimenting with and am very excited to announce that I will be taking commissions using Silverpoint beginning in the next few months.

The extremely fine detail that can be achieved using Silverpoint is somewhat like scratchboard... I  have to use a magnifying glass while working!  You can really see the silvery glistening shine when looking at the drawing at different angles. BUT, you truly must see this in person to appreciate the qualities of the silver on paper.


"Oak Leaf"
Private Collection

I only use fine quality .999% pure silver for my drawings and the finest archival support that is available.


  1. Silverpoint is a medium that I have never heard of. Your little drawing is wonderful. It raises a few questions in my mind. First, how long did it take you the complete the drawing? Second, is a bottle of silver extremely expensive?

  2. John, this drawing is rather small but I probably worked on it for several hours. I found the process quite meditating but perhaps that was because of my choice of subject matter! lol As for the silver, I use a pure silver "rod" that is dragged across the surface to leave the marks. Quite labor intensive and you cannot erase a mark once it appears on the paper. Google "metalpoint drawings" and there's some good info on it.