Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Realistic Registered German Shepherd Dog (Nickel Basin Kennels) Pet Portrait Pastel Painting

I haven't been updating my art blog for a while so figured during this slowed economic/covid pandemic period would be good time to resume.
This German Sepherd portrait was started a while back and took many tedious hours to complete. The multiple layering of fur texture, color and "ticking" was a long process and I had to use over a dozen different hues to create Gala's lucious coat.
Gala is a breeding bitch owned by Nickel Basin Registered Kennels and has recently had a litter of beautiful pups. I love her registered name "Lady Gaga Topolovnicka", which suits her well.

I decided to show the work in progress stages of this painting below the main pose. I hope you enjoy seeing the process. 

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Lady Gaga Topolovnicka aka "Gala"
soft pastels on archival suede panel
Private Commission

Progression of the german shepherd dog painting (work in progress):


  1. Amazing skills, Colette (and amazing patience!)

  2. Thanks Peter! I can't wait to see what you are working on next!