Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Results are In...re: Help with submission...

UPDATE TO THIS POST>>>;A HUGE thank you to all who were able to participate in my survey! Scroll to each image to view the results...

I am entering some artwork in a local juried show and am having a hard time deciding which one to submit. If you could help me in choosing what you consider to be my very best works, I would REALLY appreciate it!! Please send my a comment with your three choices. Many thanks in advance to those who participate. I have another few weeks to decide on THREE paintings out of the bunch.

Please pick your favorite 3 works out of the following nine choices:
24 votes

0 votes

16 votes

8 votes

5 votes

26 votes

5 votes

12 votes

17 votes


  1. Well my favorites are I, H and A. But that could be because I love horses so much. :) Also I love the composition of the three horses together and the strength of your values there. And the detail in the white horses head is beautiful, and the bird is just stunning with that light.

  2. Definitely a hard choice but I like A,F and H.

  3. After all considerations, I agree with Keltie... I'm going with A,F and H. Everyone of them is a Winner!!!

  4. They are all beautiful. For me A F and I stand out. Good Luck!

  5. D,F, and I, I think are my favorites.

  6. I like them all but my favourites are F, I, A in that order....amazing stuff!!!

  7. A, F, G would be my selections...
    Good luck Colette!

  8. Colette,
    I guess you should think about the prevailing mindsets of the people who will be judging your work, and make an objective decision based on what they will relate to. Luckily, I dont have to be objective. The deer, C, is the best of the bunch. The egret,F, is a close second. The squirrels,G, are cute and will be a sentimental favorite of many people. I suspect that the pastel looks much better lifesize than the photo depicts. Good luck.

  9. Love them all---but A, F, and I are truley amazing works---My favorites-----but I love animals,e specially horses and you have done these really well.

  10. A, F and H, there all great but those would be my picks.

  11. It is a very hard decision as all the work is amazing, and who knows with the Judges what is going to appeal to them. My choice is A,C and I.

  12. This was fun BUT a tough decision!!!
    A. took by breath away
    C. Amazing with beautiful detailing
    I. Beautiful closeup showing this
    perfect horse
    GOOD LUCK!!!

  13. F is my favourite, and I also like A and C. :)

  14. Hi Colette
    Hard choise! My favorites are C, D and F - F is my favorite of those. The ligth in it, is awesome. C: I really like the kind of "secret place" feeling when looking and it, and it is also beautiful painted. D: The peacock portrait, is a wonderful painting too.

  15. Colette... they are all absolutely goreous... how and the heck to choose??? My favs are, A, C and H but I really really like them all. Wonderful work!!!

  16. Oh this is hard because I love them all and your work is awesome.
    I am going with A, F and H

    Like Kaltie says and I have to agree everyone is winner.

  17. I would have to say C F and I

    but I love them all =]

  18. very difficult choices. They are all just wonderful art pieces.