Sunday, December 27, 2020

Painted Portrait of a Maltese Yorkshire Terrier mix (Morkie) using soft pastels

A few months ago, I was contacted to created a portrait to be given as a Christmas gift. Many photos were sent and it wasn't hard to pinpoint which one would bring out the best of Charley the Morkie...turns out she is a natural poser in front of the camera! 

I wanted to show the progression of a portrait, along with the original photo, so folks can view the steps involved in creating a custom portrait. You can see the original reference image was perfect except for the distracting backdrop which was omitted on the actual portrait.

Cropped client photo.

Outline sketch of the dog using white pencil.

After the eyes are done I begin the fur details.

More beautiful fur is added and her ears are finished.

Beginning the body fur...using pastel pencils for fine details.

Adding more and more fur and refining texture.

Once the dark backdrop has been added the dog seems to pop!

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