Monday, May 16, 2011

Pastel Workshop in Timmins

This past weekend I had the pleasure to give a workshop for members of the Porcupine Art Club in Timmins, Ontario. Everyone seemed eager and delighted to finally have the opportunity to dabble in pastels with the guidance of an instructor (the club workshop convener had been nudging me for the past few years...thanks Pam!). Each artist worked very hard and to my surprise, everyone managed to begin a second piece; many which were completed before the end of day two.
The results speak for themselves! I am so proud of what they accomplished in such a short time.
Day 1 Results
Day 2 Results


  1. Looks like you have some serious competition there. It's great to see such enthusiasm for art.

  2. Thanks so much Colette, the workshop was great! I am going out to buy more pastels to finish my picture...

  3. Colette I am about to begin running weekly pastel classes for up 10 adults. Your results are so encouraging. Did your students bring their own materials or did you include them in the workshop price? Any pitfalls I should look out for??

  4. Wow, what a difficult job. They are all soooo good. Okay my choices are A, F and H.