Monday, December 12, 2011

American Bulldog Pencil Portrait in Graphite (enhanced)

While I await client approval, I wanted to share with you this dog portrait's new "look" with the darker background. I really feel this is what was missing to make the dog stand out from the page, whereas before, he seemed to blend too much with the background. You can probably notice on this update the subtle hint of color (used colored pencils) of the eyes, eye patch and muzzle.
American Bulldog Pencil Portrait in Graphite by Colette Theriault
"Pearl"~American Bulldog
graphite pencil /charcoal and cp on Fabriano paper

To view the progression of this portrait visit my website at


  1. Beautiful work Colette, but I'm afraid it's a face only a mother could love!

  2. what a picture... very lovely, congratulations

  3. Pearl really 'pings' off the page now you've darkened the background (what a lot of Ps in that sentence) lol

    Its always a dilemma working out how to best portray white animals isn't it - particularly when using graphite

  4. I appreciate your lovely comments Peter, Lamprios and Sue. Thanks!!

  5. How cute!!! You've got technique and character all rolled up in this one Colette. Niiice!

  6. INCREDIBLE!!!! I LOVE IT!!! That hint of color is perfect! And love the darker background, Colette!!!

  7. I always find it so beautiful to see how a painting is built. He is really beautiful. Just brilliant!

    I have just awardes you the versatile blogger award! Happy blogging.

  8. a gorgeous portrait, the colors really adds a fine touch to it