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Friday, December 9, 2011

Pencil Portrait Step 6: the collar

I have always found it challenging to achieve an accurate representation of a graphite pencil portrait using a scanner (or camera for that matter). For this update I decide to scan the portrait rather than take a digital photo. Although I could have further adjusted this scan for correctness using Photoshop, I much rather wait till the end and spend time drawing . The shinny reflective quality of the pencils is what makes it difficult; one scan can come out one way, while the simple act of repositioning the portrait on the glass will result in a different scan!


  1. I often feel I spend more time adjusting photos/scans than I do drawing! and then of course, the pictures look different dependent on the monitors used!

    Still, at least the clients can be given a pretty good idea of what the work will look like and share in the progress. When I had my horse portrayed 20 years ago I had to send off a selection of photos by mail and the finished portrait turned up with no consultations along the way.

    The bulldog is looking wonderful - love those wrinkles round the chin

  2. I appreciate your comments Judy and Sue. Thanks!!

    While I certainly do not mind sending my clients a work in progress update, and of course sending the most accurate version as possible, I agree it does take much time away from drawing.

  3. Colette!!!! It's coming along perfectly...He is so adorable!