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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shih Tzu Portrait step 3

Finally, a bit of time tonight to sit at the easel and start the second pup in this dog portrait. Working on such a small scale using pastels on the suede has it's challenges, especially when adding the features of the face such as the eyes and nose. The dogs heads measure a mere 2.5 inches across!

I will go back and make any necessary adjustments (I see the top dog's right eye needs some tweaking), however, for the most part, the hardest aspects of the portrait are done.


  1. I zoomed on these precious dogs...they are coming along beautifully, Colette. I didn't realize how small each face was..which of course would make it harder to paint...but you aced it!. Looking forward to your next post.

  2. Colette, your excellent work. Congratulations.


  3. You're doing a fantastic job as always Colette.

    I sympathise re. the difficulty of drawing features on a small scale. I'm working on a lady on horseback just now so her face is just a small part of the overall picture - its not easy with pastel is it?

    Look forward to seeing the next stages

  4. very nice :) wonderfully soft looking fur

  5. I usually do not accept commissions of this nature precisely because of the small area to work with but... it turned out like I wanted and the client is quite happy! Thanks all for your wonderful comments!!!