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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tennessee Walker Horse Portrait in Pastel

I have just received approval tonight from the client in regards to this commission! I will be busy securing and packing the artwork so that it is ready to ship tomorrow. All of my artwork is shipped flat... the portrait surface is protected with a sheet of glassine paper and then carefully sandwiched in between several layers of cardboard. Then, I use plastic wrap to "waterproof" the artwork before securing with an additional layer of cardboard on either side, which is taped and sealed shut with clear packing tape.

The Tennessee Walking Horse featured on the portrait is described as dark bay. The original photos were not really good and so I had to use several different shots that the client gave me to come up with this composition.

Tennessee walking horse portrait in pastel by animal artist Colette Theriault
Tennessee Walker
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  1. I've missed so many of your paintings because of the storm, Colette, but I looked at all your previous paintings and this horse portrait is fantastic...I look forward to seeing the next post.

  2. Aw, so sorry you were caught in Sandy's path Hilda. I hope all is well and you did not suffer any loss.Thank you again for your kind words!! I have another equine commission comming...