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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Black Labrador Portait in progress

I was able to begin working on the second dog in this portrait. Although she looks like a black Labrador or flat coated retriever type dog, she may also have some border collie lineage in the mix.

Once I have completed and am satisfied with the head and face of the dog, I anticipate the rest of the body will be quite a breeze...or at least, I hope so.

flat-coated retriever painting in progress
Here are a few more updates of tonight's work.
flat-coated retriever portrait in progress

black Labrador retriever painting in progress


  1. She's coming along so beautifully, Colette!! This is going to be an amazing portrait.

  2. As Hilda says - this is going to be another amazing portrait Colette and a great start to 2013.

    Happy New Year to you.


  3. I have been struggling with this painting as I want to get it just right. Thanks for your encouragement ladies! I hope it turns out.