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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Grey Percheron Horse Portrait Commission: Painting in Pastel

I've completed the commission of  the horse painting today and am quite delighted that the clients immediately approved the sample image sent to them. All is left to do is fix the pastel and package the portrait for delivery!

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Grey Percheron Portrait Painting in Pastel by Colette Theriault
Percheron/Thoroughbred cross
18" x 24"
I have always felt that a reproduction never truly captures the exact likeness of any painting as it often seems to miss the subtle variations in hues and color tones.  While this happens with prints, it  is especially true when viewing an image on a computer screen due to variations in monitor brands and individual settings.  Although the image above is a good representation of the artwork, I can see the differences when comparing it to the original.  Perhaps I am too much of a perfectionist, but this is an issue that I keep bumping into when preparing files or running prints of my work.


  1. Even though the original may look much better than what we see on the computer screen, it still looks so good. I notice that it is also much larger than most of your pieces. Congratulations on another job well done. I sold a painting today as well.

  2. Beautiful result Colette - its always a bonus when portraits are approved without requiring 'little tweaks' so congratulations!

    I share your frustration about photographs/scans not doing justice to original artwork. I sometimes feel I spend as long trying to manipulate my progress photos to look like the artwork as I spend on the portraits themselves!

  3. Putting the light on the horse brings out a shine in him...I'm always amazed with your work, Colette!! I've said it before, but I would love to be with you while you about a learning experience!!! EXCELLENT piece!

  4. John, having to paint this large was a great excerise. Congrats on your sale; if always feels nice when our work finds a home.

    Sue, I agree I spend too much time tweaking my scans but unfortunately, it is quite an important step when one wants a reproduction made later on. At least I know I am not alone...

    Hilda I would love to be able to sit, chat and paint with all of you! It is nice to have our blog so we can share our love of art but I agree it is not like being face to face.

    Thank you all for your comments as they are truly always very appreciated!