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Monday, February 11, 2013

Great Mormon Butterfly Painting in pastel

I have been commissioned to paint a series of four little butterfly paintings and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to use my own reference photos! I have been wanting to paint more butterflies and now I have no more excuses.

The specimen featured in this painting was from a photo I had taken several years ago at our local    butterfly gallery at Science North. The Great Mormon is a common species of swallowtail which comes from tropical Asia.

Great Mormon Butterfly Painting in pastel by wildlife artist Colette Theriault
Great Mormon Butterfly (female)
(Papilio memnon)


  1. Congrats on the comissions. A beautiful butterfly. I have been fortunate to see them in Thailand. I look forward to seeing your other butterfly portraits.

  2. 6" x 4" is pretty small so I guess you're using pastel pencils to get so much detail into the picture?

    Beautiful work and I look forward to seeing the next ones

  3. Thank you John and Sue!
    I am using a combination of round and square pastels from several different sets and only a black and a green pencil for fine detailing.

  4. Its impossible to paint all the wildlife taxons, because there ar not enough time in one life to paint much species if and also you want to repeat the same specie several times.I personally i choose to paint big mammals,birds and some fishes of the cold environments.For that, i fill bery happy to observe a people that paint other animals that probably i will never have a time for make it.Congratulations for the butterfly Colette!.

  5. Thank you Marc!...I too have my favorite species on my list to paint and have yet to get around to doing 1% of them! I also like to have some species that are less painted or little well known because it makes for interesting conversation.

  6. That's truly lovely, Colette!

  7. I appreciate your compliment and for dropping by Laurene!!

  8. I appreciate your compliment and for dropping by Laurene!!

  9. Beautiful butterfly, Colette!! Don't you just love the patterns and colors?! Great piece!! I commented already but it didn't post...

  10. Thank you Hilda! I hate that when Blogger has glitches...happens to me too often when trying to post on others.