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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Song Sparrow: a bird painting in pastel

I have yet to give this painting a title...other than the obvious "bird on a wire", which is too overused for my liking, I'll have to give it some good brainstorming!

Nonetheless, I share with you the final update on the bird painting. I am glad now that I accidently made the wire too large and had to increase the size of the bird. It was much easier to add the detail on the larger format.

Song Sparrow Bird Painting in pastel by Canadian Wildlife Artist Colette Theriault
Song Sparrow- untitled
13" x 9"


  1. Good job. Sparrows are probably my favorite subject to paint.

  2. It worked out very well with the resizing. Beautiful work.

    I'm with you on titles .... mine tend to be predictable

  3. I'm glad you didn't change the wire as well...This is finished so beautifully, Colette ..Using the suede paper made it look so realistic. Wonderful work!!!

  4. John, Sue and Hilda, thank you so much! I'll be doing more birds soon, at least one more before I change animal subject!

  5. Hi Colette, this is absolutely beautiful! Bonjour de Montreal!

  6. Merci Linda! Looking forward to reading your blog!