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Friday, April 26, 2013

Siamese Cat Portrait: A Painting in Pastel

I had so much fun painting this beautiful cat's portrait. It is not a commission but rather, came about from one of my reference images from my photography library. The wondrous lighting, contrast and glowing icy blue eye of the Siamese is what compelled me to paint her.

Now, to find a name for this painting...something I don't usually struggle with but I can't seem to find anything appropriate that I like so far.  Suggestions anyone??

Siamese Cat portrait painting in pastel be Colette Theriault
Siamese Cat Portrait
pastel painting

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  1. Fabulous work Colette

    I'm sure you'll come up with a suitable title. I've used up the obvious 'Old Blue Eyes' and 'Eye of the beholder' so that's the extent of my imagination where titles are concerned :-)

  2. Thanks for your suggestions and compliment Sue! I'll have to sleep on it for a bit and it will come to me eventually.
    Seems like I just sold this painting within hours of posting; I hope that means something!

  3. Gorgeous! I have no idea for names. I really have a hard time coming up with names for any of mine!
    Congratulations on the sale :)

  4. Peggy, thank you! I sympathize with you about naming paintings...

  5. Colette,
    The mood of this one is so pleasantly exotic. No wonder it sold quickly. 'Sapphire' is the name that came to me, or some variant of that.

  6. I know I've said it before, Colette, but this is another favorite...!
    its gorgeous and can see why it was sold so quickly.... I hope you feel my excitement with this piece.!

  7. A greeting from Spain. Fantastic your Works.I love the animal world.I have a beatiful siamese too.
    My name for your painting is "Blue".

  8. Thank you John, Hilda and Isabel! I appreciate your comments and suggestions...I am still considering a title.

  9. Thank you John, Hilda and Isabel! I appreciate your comments and suggestions...I am still considering a title.

  10. This, as you know, is so beautiful!!
    Just saw it today, and love it!! You are so talented! What sort of surface do you use here? It looks so soft, and perfect. I sure can see why it sold!! Perfect comp, and lighting---but your skill for values is also so wonderful, and it has feeling!! Just the best.

  11. Aw, you are making me blush Ida! Thank you so much!! I used suede as a support for the pastel for this piece.