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Friday, September 20, 2013

Painting of Springer Spaniel Portrait (Therapy Dog)

The following is a painting that I completed a few months ago, but because it was to be a surprise, I could not share it publicly until the handler was presented with her gift. The Springer Spaniel featured on the portrait is named Rex and he quickly became known as the ambassador of Therapy Dogs in the Sudbury District.  After many years of service and logging thousands of volunteer hours comforting the sick, lonely and desolate, the community was saddened to hear of Rex's passing last spring. Rex will always be remembered as the heart and soul of Magical Paws.
 Magical Paws, is a non-profit organization providing the service of therapy dogs at no charge to nursing homes, retirement homes, group homes, and schools in the Sudbury District.

Therapy Dog Springer Spaniel Memorial Portrait painting in pastel
Therapy Dog Rex
8 x 10


  1. Beautiful portrait Colette and a truly wonderful way to treasure his memory. Well done!

  2. Indeed, it was a very special portrait to me as well. Thank you my dear Carole!

  3. Wow! Colette...this is SO beautiful. I can't stop looking at it. Congratulations! It's so sad when a dog dies but the owners will treasure this painting forever!!

  4. I appreciate your comments Hilda; Thank you so much! Rex will be remembered for touching so many hearts.

  5. A worthy memorial for a dog who provided comfort and affection for so many. I am curious about the reaction of the recipient of this surprise. She could not have gotten a better portrait. You truly are the best at what you do.

  6. You are making me blush John! Thank you kindly for your heartfelt comments. As expected, the recipient and I both shed a tear or two...he was truly a special dog who knew what his job was and loved what he was doing.