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Monday, September 30, 2013

Update on Golden Retriever Portait

After completing the right side of the dog's cheek, I began adding more of the long neck and chest fur. I also added the dog's whiskers and redefined the fringe fur along the muzzle/mouth. I enlarged the dog's left eye slightly  so I hope I don't feel tempted to retouch it.
The color on this photo is a bit off, showing more reddish tones than on the original painting. I will adjust the final image as close as possible to the original but for now, I must get back to painting!
Golden Retriever Portrait painting in pastel by Canadian Pet Portrait Artist Colette Theriault


  1. LOVE IT!!! Someday, I'm going to sit by your side and see you work!! LOL

  2. That would be great Hilda! thx for following!