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Friday, January 24, 2014

Forest wolf painting update

Well, I'm finally back at work on this big painting of mine. After spending nearly a week working on re-designing a whole new website (not quite done yet), I felt I could hear the wolf calling me to finish painting him.

Previously, I had completed the front leg and foot but did not post the update due to troubles with blogger again.
On this step I darkened the back leg and added the back foot of the wolf. Then I slowly and painstakingly began to add the short grasses and some ground debris that make up the forest floor. And yeah, I still have to go back and make some touch ups on the fur...but no worries, I am used to that!


  1. Beautiful so far, Colette. I love how you darkened the wolf's back shows he's coming out of the shade... I hope I'll be able to still get to your site after the change.... change scares me...LOL

  2. My intention is to have the wolf coming out of the shadows so I am happy to hear I'm on the right track! TY, and don't worry, I'm not changing my blog, it is my main website I am working on.