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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Some of my Essential Art Studio Furniture

Finally, after many years of working on our kitchen table, my studio/office is slowly being transformed into a more comfortable place to work. My newest addition is a sturdy wooden work table (that I designed to custom fit my space and needs) which my dad built for me.  It measures almost 7 feet long, 2 feet wide and about 36" high; perfect to hide a small shelving unit, an end table and a work stool all at a comfortable height to work without breaking my lower back! The table which also sports two roomy front drawers is built of solid pine and painted with an antique distressed finish. 

It sure beats dragging all my framing supplies out of storage and have to use the kitchen table or counter top as place to frame my artwork and cut mat boards and foam core!  I will be adding pegboard to the wall space above the table which will provide additional storage for tools.

Last year, my dad also built me a storage unit to organize foam board, mat board, sheets of glass, as well as various supports for my pastel paintings. I got the idea from an artist friend and then custom designed my own to accept standard sheets of mat board.  This storage unit is built of pine and plywood and has the same as the table.

The very first project I convinced my dad to build for me was a taboret to store all my pastels. After looking at many types of taborets, with careful planning and by combining several designs, I came up with this baby!
 The taboret has six fully extensible drawers as well as 2 lower open shelves for storage of papers and boards.

I just love my modest and cozy little basement art studio! ~ Thanks to my wonderful dad who so enthusiastically built these items for me ♥ I know they will be cherished and used for many, many years to come.


  1. Colette, your studio looks wonderful. Lots of happy hours painting! Unfortunately for me I've found that I got more done when I was located in a section of the dining room where I was privy to the sounds in the rest of the house. My studio seems too quiet and out of the way. It's difficult getting used to the isolation. Let me know how you find yours affects you.

  2. This looks like the perfect Art Studio we all LONG for, Colette!
    so organized, with that perfect light! thanks for to cry!!! lol

  3. YAY Colette! I'm so glad you're finally getting to work in your studio! I know the feeling. I finally got my own studio as well and have just about got it all set up, even had custom built shelves in my closet for further organization. I LOVE your taboret! I would LOVE one just like it. My pastel station (aka big toolbox) is already outgrown. Lol! Your studio looks great. Enjoy your own space!!! :)


  4. After many years of working on the kitchen table and having to constantly shuffle materials around, I have to say having my own space is relieving. If any of you would like my dad to build a taboret for you, let me know!