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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Jaguar Big Cat Painting in Watercolor

This is one of my earlier paintings, created using watercolors.  Regretfully, since I discovered soft pastels, I  longer work with watercolor paints. It's not that I don't like them; I just prefer the ease and versatility of dry soft pastels.

This magnificent cat was photographed at a zoo while he was resting peacefully with his cage-mate, a melanistic (black) jaguar. I decided to paint the normal spotted feline because of the beautiful patterned coat and rich coloration of the fur.

"Sleeping Jaguar"
Private Collection

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  1. Hi Colette, this fellow is beautiful!

  2. Thanks Carol! I especially enjoyed painting his beautiful coat!

  3. Good portrait of this jaguar Colette.

  4. This painting is amazing Colette. I don't remember seeing him before! It's incredible how beautifully you captured the pattern of his coat so perfectly with water!
    Love the color!!! Congratulations on selling it.....

  5. Thanks Marc and Hilda! This one was done in 2004 so it is probably in my archives on my website....