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Friday, March 27, 2015

Plein air landscape painting in pastel of Cedar Falls, Wahnapitei River, Sudbury Ontario

I recently sold this plein air painting of a favorite wilderness trail near the Killarney area. I remember vividly how quickly I had to work, not only because of the changing light conditions but mainly due to sitting on the rock ledge in the scorching sun accompanied by numerous biting deer flies! After several hours, I was happy to head back to camp and cool off with a refreshing swim.

You can view a larger image of this and other landscape paintings at:

"Cedar Falls" 
(Wahnapitei River)
approx. 9" x 12"
Private Collection


  1. I can see why this painting was sold Colette!! It's beautiful!
    An amazing scene that was worth getting the bites for!! lol
    I love the water but I have to ask..what kind of paper did you use for this piece?

  2. Thanks so much Hilda for your kind words!!
    I used sandpaper for this piece...Colorfix if I remember correctly.