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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Commissioned Pastel Portrait of a Lady and her Cat with time-lapse video

I was commissioned to paint this portrait of the client's wife and her cherished cat from a "not-so-good" 4x6 photo taken in the mid 1970's.  The client explained that they had lost all of their belongings, in a recent house fire and he really wanted to surprise his spouse with a very special Christmas gift. And all I had to work with was this one photo...

So the pressure was on and I was committed to make this my challenge piece of 2015!  I have created a time-lapse video of the progression of this portrait which can be viewed below!


  1. What a treat to see the progression on this portrait, Colette! I always knew and enjoyed your animal portraits but I LOVE this painting of the lady! So good my friend!!! A very successful commission!!

  2. You performed a bit of a miracle getting such a pleasing portrait from such a poor photograph. Job well done, and I really love your Great Egret as well.

  3. Hilda, as you probably know, I don't do "human" portraits very often because I prefer the furry animals...but this one, was a special request and I could not say no. I'm so happy it turned out so well. Thank you for your kind words!!

  4. Why thank you John! It is not always easy to paint from photos, as you can see.