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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Step 9 of Egret pastel painting

Now that I've completed the feathers on this bird and satisfied enough to leave them alone, I have begun working the foliage. At first, I painted the leaves a yellow green hue that went well with rest of the painting BUT just did not sit well with the frame. I then opted to try a blueish tint which was ok but perhaps a bit to saturated with blue.

After my third attempt (below), I believe this is the best color scheme that will suit both the frame and the rest of the painting. While it is nice to have frames on hand, sometimes, it can be a pain to match them to a particular color scheme in a composition and the artist has to be prepared to make changes along the way. Perhaps  I should have done a sample thumbnail composition first but I was happy experimenting and adapting the color scheme as I was working my way through this painting.


  1. Beautiful work Colette - such delicate, feathery plumage on the egret. I'm at our holiday home in the Canary Islands where we see plenty of these gorgeous birds and I've photographed lots over the years. You've really done this one justice

  2. Sue I am thrilled that you think that way of my egret! I find them so elegant and can't resist taking tonnes of photographs of them.