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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Quarter (Barrel) Horse Pencil Drawing Portrait Commission

Horses have been a favorite animal of mine since early childhood so it comes as no surprise that I embrace every opportunity I have to paint or draw them!

I was asked to draw this beautiful horse's portrait as a memorial tribute for a friend. I used mainly 8B and F pencils along with my tortillions, chamois and Q-tips for delicate blending.

The original photo included a busy background and the horse was wearing a halter but it was decided to leave those out of the drawing to focus on the subject.

graphite pencils

View the work in progress below: 


  1. He's beautiful Colette!! I love the progression of this piece...thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Thank you Hilda! A little video is in the works...

  3. What a lovely tribute to Darby ... beautiful pencil work and I love the simplicity with no background to distract the eye

  4. Glad you think so Sue! Thanks so much!!