Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Dog Portrait of Shih Tzu and Terrier mix

Pets mean so much to us that they have taken the role of our "furry children" as some people call them. The loyal companionship and unconditional love are probably the main reasons why we keep pets. So, it is no wonder that we want to cherish them forever, and what better way to honor them than with a custom portrait?

I am always thankful when it is possible to meet my subjects in real life as I can instantly get a sense of their true character...something that I always strive to capture on a portrait, along with the obviously important true likeness of course! So, when I was asked to help with photographing these two "fur sisters", I was thrilled at the chance to meet them. As I explained to the client, it is not necessary to capture the two pets on the same photo...that is something that the artist has the ability and freedom to do when they paint or draw their portrait!

Since it is not always possible for me to photograph your pet, I obviously must rely on the client to provide me with photos of them. I am always available to help you choose the right photos for your pet and create one or several "mock up" images to help you decide on the right pose, FREE of charge.  And if you don't have that "perfect" photo of your pet, no worries as I can use my artistic license along with your verbal or written description to create a likeness that you will love!

Chloe and Kacey


  1. Bonjour,

    Sublimes sont ces portraits ! Je suis certaine que leurs bipèdes de parents sont enthousiasmés et heureux !
    Je ne les connais pas ces toutous-là mais ils me semblent bien heureux de vivre.

    Ils ont un regard magnifique. J'admire chaque touche... Très joli travail.

    Gros bisous