Friday, May 4, 2018

Golden Retriever pet portrait pastel painting commission

I was asked to create this portrait of a handsome golden retriever named Chester for Father's Day.  I had an older photo of the dog in his younger years, laying on the grass and so the client chose to use that one (along with a few modifications to the chest) for the pose. As the dog aged, his colors intensified and so that too was adjusted on the portrait (the chest was white and his face quite pale) with redder tones.
It was such a joy to render this happy rendition of a most cherished family pet. What a beautiful memory to h ave Chester smiling back at you with his gentle eyes.

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  1. This portrait of Chester will be treasured by their owners...He is beautifully painted...the eyes talk!!!

    1. Oh Hilda, I always enjoy reading your wonderful compliments. Thanks so very much!