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Friday, June 1, 2018

Commissioned Chihuahua dog portrait using pastels

When I was asked to create this portrait to commemorate Brembo the Mexican Chihuahua, it was easy to choose which photo I was to work from.  Although the eyes looked darker and the background was busy, everything else about the pose was simply just perfect!

You can see the progression of this portrait on my FB page Animal Artistry Portraits and I am hoping to create a video as well and post to my YouTube channel in the not too distant future.

 In the meantime, I have many personal projects I want to work on but have been getting a steady stream of clients so the paying work has to come first. I enjoy every bit of it and would not want to be doing anything other than painting and drawing except perhaps spending time playing in the gardens. Summer is so short, we have to take advantage of the warm sunny days when they occur.

Stay warm and don't forget to take some time to smell the roses!

Blonde Chihuahua
soft pastels
Commission (Sold)

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