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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Monarch caterpillar painting in pastel

The original reference image for this painting had a green color scheme that was too overpowering and monotonous.  I felt that by adding a pink cluster of milkweed blooms near the bottom would create a more pleasing composition by providing a splash or color and interesting shapes.  The bold, stripped pattern of the caterpillar now competes for attention with the elongated leaves, star-shaped blossoms, buds and even the tiny eggs!
Monarch caterpillar and common milkweed painting in pastel by Colette Theriault
Monarch Caterpillar and  Eggs on Common Milkweed
(Danaus plexippus and  Asclepias syriaca)
4" x 6"


  1. Another precious gem. Congratulations on your top 100 finish in the pastel competition. It's all very inspirational.

  2. Congratulations on selling this piece, Colette. It's beautiful..the pink flowers completes this painting!!