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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Butterfly painting in progress

I don't usually relish the task of recreating backgrounds that much but I thoroughly enjoyed painting this one....minus the flower cluster!! I guess it is coming along but I will remember to stay away from tiny intricate flowers when working small scale!

Below is the progress of the 4th butterfly painting in the series and features the adult stage of the Monarch butterfly enjoying a sip of nectar from the flowers of the common milkweed plant. Once I am satisfied and done with the look of the flowers I get to paint the bold colors of the monarch!

monarch butterfly painting in progress by Colette Theriault


  1. This is coming along beautifully, Colette...I look forward to your next post!!!

  2. I have just been covering the Monarch with my camera here in P.R.. Congrats on your artwork, it's beautiful!