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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A New Painting of the Amphibious Kind!

You'd think after working five paintings with predominating green foliage that I'd start a piece that would involve a totally different color scheme! Maybe it is a sign that I miss the abundance of green vegetation and can't wait till spring as we've had our share of the white stuff this winter.

This little fella I rescued during a hot scorching day from under a wooden crate in a busy paved parking lot.  I brought him home in a paper cup and before releasing him beside the garden pond in my back yard, I coaxed him to pose for me amongst the lush greenery of the ferns.  He stayed around the home for a month or more, singing his LOUD trill-like call every now and then, day or night. The neighbours were wondering what the heck was making all that noise...

Amphibian Painting in pastel by wildlife artist Colette Theriault

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