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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Monarch (chrysalis) butterfly painting in pastel

The last in the series of commissioned butterfly paintings, the following features the pupal stage (or chrysalis) of the Monarch. The name chrysalis is derived from the Greek term ( chrysós), meaning "gold" and aptly describes the delicate metallic-like colouration that is found in the pupae of many butterflies.  You can see the rim of golden colored dots near the top third of the monarch butterfly's chrysalis.

I chose to depict the chrysalis in the later stages of development when the jade green color and gold rim is still visible and when the lower part of the membrane begins to clear, revealing some of the black and orange striped wings inside.

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Pastel Painting of Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis Stage on Common Milkweed Plant by Colette Theriault
Chrysalis of Monarch Butterfly and Common Milkweed

Monarch Butterfly Development and Common Milkweed painting series by Colette Theriault
Metamorphosis series

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  1. This is precisely what's so great about your media. I had trouble photographing this chrysalid, at this stage. Excellent!