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Friday, March 22, 2013

Wire Haired Jack Russell Terrier Painting in Pastel

This dog portrait is pending client approval but while I wait, I just had to post the finished portrait. I have never seen a Jack Russell with erect ears and so I did not recognize the breed on the client photographs right away . The scruffy appearance of her wiry fur also added to the challenge.

Cassidy is portrayed her in her older years where her facial markings have pretty much faded to the point where they are no longer visible. I am always amazed at how different a dog's coat and markings can appear as they move up in age.

Wire Haired Jack Russell Terrier Portrait painting in pastel by Colette Theriault
Wire Haired Jack Russell Terrier


  1. OMGosh!!!!! Colette!!! A gorgeous portrait of this Jack Russell....SO perfect..I love it!!!

  2. Thank you ladies; I appreciate your comments!