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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Progress on nuthatch bird painting

The pair of red-breasted nuthatches (diptych painting) is progressing well today.  
I have begun to differentiate the two birds at this stage, and you can now see that the male has a deeper rust on his chest when compared to the female on the left.  Another distinct difference is that the male sports a black crown while the female's is dark grey (although the angle of the male's head makes it a little difficult to discern).


  1. Colette, this is coming along beautifully. I knew that little Nuthatch was special.

  2. Carole thank you for your kind words and for letting me use your photo as a guide!

  3. Absolutely beautiful, Colette!! I look forward to your next post...
    You can feel the softness!!!

  4. Hilda, thank you for the encouraging words! It will be good to complete two paintings at once.